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Forecasting urbanization

Data science drives new maps to predict the growth of cities over next centuryCredit: Photo by Jeffrey C. Chase University of Delaware data scientist Jing Gao is fascinated by the ways that cities and towns grow over time. This concept

Car sharing minus the driver

How self-driving vehicles will change Moscow In 15 years, the share of self-driving passenger vehicles on Moscow's roads will exceed 60%. However, this change will not have a significant impact if personal vehicle travel is not reduced and…

Getting kids moving, and learning

Tennis program for teachers, coachesCredit: Flinders University Children are set to move more, improve their skills, and come up with their own creative tennis games with the launch of 'HomeCourtTennis', a new initiative to assist

Rice engineers: Make wastewater drinkable again

Model shows recycling could dramatically slash cities' need for fresh water resourcesCredit: Lu Liu/Rice University HOUSTON - (April 27, 2020) - Delivering water to city dwellers can become far more efficient, according to Rice