Penn researchers call for better laws covering patient incentives to improve care

PHILADELPHIA - Current federal anti-kickback laws prohibit pharmaceutical companies and providers from bribing patients to seek their goods and services. Unfortunately, the laws also prevent hospitals..

UTIA student fellows to tackle sustainable agriculture in the Rainforest

Credit: Photo courtesy UTIA. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Producing sustainable yields in harmony with conserving the rainforest: a win-win for the people of Belize and the world as a whole. This is the lof..

New study maps space dust in 3-D

Loading video... Credit: Gregory M. Green/SLAC, KIPAC Consider that the Earth is just a giant cosmic dust bunny -- a big bundle of debris amassed from exploded stars. We Earthlings are essentially ..

Researcher wins prestigious NSF career award

Credit: Photo by Evan Krape At a microscopic level, heat flow in many materials occurs through random vibrations, called phonons, that transport energy in a wave-like manner. Recently, Joe Feser,..

Tiller the Hun? Farmers in Roman Empire converted to Hun lifestyle — and vice...

Credit: Susanne Hakenbeck Marauding hordes of barbarian Huns, under their ferocious leader Attila, are often credited with triggering the fall of one of history's greatest empires: Rome. Hi..

‘Spectacular-looking’ endangered frog species discovered in Ecuador’s cloud forests

Credit: Juan M. Guayasamin/ Universidad San Francisco de Quito FORT COLLINS, COLORADO - It's not every day someone gets to say, "I've discovered a new species." It's a claim that ..

Humans and smartphones may fail frequently to detect face morph photos

Researchers at the University of York have demonstrated that both humans and smartphones show a degree of error in distinguishing face morph photos from their 'real' faces on fraudulent iden..

WPI team grows heart tissue on spinach leaves

Loading video... Credit: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Mass. - Researchers face a fundamental challenge as they seek to scale up human tissue regeneration from small lab samples to ful..

Huns and settlers may have cooperated on the frontier of Roman Empire

Credit: Erzsébet Fóthi, Hungarian Natural History Museum Budapest Analysis of isotopes in bones and teeth from fifth-century cemeteries suggests that nomadic Huns and Pannonian settlers on the fron..

Lack of staffing, funds prevent marine protected areas from realizing full potential

Credit: David Gill Marine protected areas (MPAs) are an increasingly popular strategy for protecting marine biodiversity, but a new global study demonstrates that widespread lack of personnel and..