Tiny ‘cages’ could keep vaccines safe at high temperatures

Vaccines and antibodies could be transported and stored without refrigeration by capturing them in tiny silica 'cages', a discovery which could make getting vital medicines to remote or dang..

Game-changing PanDDA method unveils previously hidden 3-D structure data

Scientists have utilised Diamond Light Source to develop a new method to extract previously hidden information from the X-ray diffraction data that are measured when resolving the three-dimensional (3..

Research moves closer to unravelling mystery cause of multiple sclerosis

A new study has made a major new discovery towards finding the cause of multiple sclerosis (MS), potentially paving the way for research to investigate new treatments. Ahead of MS Awareness Week, w..

Nurse practitioners are not regularly assessing brain health and need standardized assessment tools to...

Credit: WomenAgainstAlzheimer's WASHINGTON, DC, April 24, 2017 - Important new survey findings released today by WomenAgainstAlzheimer's and the National Association of Nurse Practitioner..

Altered immune cells may both contribute to preeclampsia and offer new hope for treatment

Though the exact cascade of events leading to preeclampsia is unknown, reduced blood flow to the placenta (placental ischemia) is commonly thought to be a factor that contributes to the development of..

Research finds new info about higher number of male babies of Indian-born women in...

Credit: Courtesy of St. Michael's Hospital TORONTO, April 24, 2017--The researchers who reported last year that more male babies than expected were being born to Indian-born women living in Cana..

New Canadian guideline: No screening for hepatitis C in adults not at increased risk

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care recommends against screening for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) in adults at low risk in a guideline published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association ..

Patients in team-based practices less likely to visit ED after hospital discharge

Older patients enrolled in team-based primary care practices in Quebec had similar rates of hospital readmission, and lower rates of emergency department visits and death after hospital discharge, com..

Higher prostate cancer risks for black men may warrant new approach to screening

A new study indicates that higher prostate cancer death rates among black men in the US may be due to a higher risk of developing preclinical prostate cancer as well as a higher risk of that cancer pr..

Little kids’ regular bedtimes and ability to regulate emotions may lessen obesity risk

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Family structure including regular bedtimes, mealtimes and limited screen time appear to be linked to better emotional health in preschoolers, and that might lower the chances of obes..