Monday, April 24, 2017

The story of our universe from the Big Bang to the present day

Credit: World Scientific The rapidly growing field of astrochemistry focuses on the chemistry occurring in stars, planets, and the interstellar medium, bringing together elements of chemistry, phys..

Report identifies grand challenges to better prepare for volcanic eruptions

WASHINGTON - Despite broad understanding of volcanoes, our ability to predict the timing, duration, type, size, and consequences of volcanic eruptions is limited, says a new report by the National Aca..

Water is streaming across Antarctica

Credit: Won Sang Lee/Korea Polar Research Institute In the first such continent-wide survey, scientists have found extensive drainages of meltwater flowing over parts of Antarctica's ice during..

Review highlights why animals have evolved to favor one side of the brain

Most left-handers can rattle off a list of their eminent comrades-in-arms: Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, and Barack Obama, just to name three, but they may want to add on cockatoos, "southpaw" squir..

Vanderbilt research unlocks molecular key to animal evolution and disease

Credit: Photo courtesy of Alexander Semenov. The dawn of the Animal Kingdom began with a collagen scaffold that enabled the organization of cells into tissues. This key innovation, which made poss..

Study on impact of climate change on snowpack loss in Western US

An international team of scientists, including one from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has found that up to 20 percent loss in the annual maximum amount of water contained in the Western Unit..

New mechanism to fight multi-resistant bacteria revealed

Credit: Jorge Sousa, IGC. In recent years scientists, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies have been struggling to find new antibiotics or alternative strategies against multi-drug resistant bac..

Researchers quantify grasslands’ carbon storage value

Credit: University of Wyoming When grasslands feature a wide array of plant species, they provide a variety of benefits for humans and animals, including enhanced carbon storage capacity that can be ..

Homing pigeons share our human ability to build knowledge across generations

Credit: Takao Sasaki Homing pigeons may share the human capacity to build on the knowledge of others, improving their navigational efficiency over time, a new Oxford University study has found. The..

Origins of an enigmatic genus of Asian butterflies carrying mythological names decoded

Credit: Dr. Valentina Todisco A group of rare Asian butterflies which have once inspired an association with Hindu mythological creatures have been quite a chaos for the experts. In fact, their sys..