High pressure key to lighter, stronger metal alloys, Stanford scientists find

High pressure could be the key to making advanced metal mixtures that are lighter, stronger and more heat-resistant than conventional alloys, a new study by Stanford researchers suggests. Humans hav..

Approach tested at FAU first to look at dolphin immune system

Credit: Florida Atlantic University For humans, there are hundreds of antibodies available on the market today to evaluate immune status in health and diseases. However, for the more than 42 known ..

Landscape-scale erosion instabilities in the northern Gabilan Mesa, California

Credit: GSA Bulletin, S.A. Johnstone et al., and Photograph C provided courtesy of Juan C. Fernandez Diaz. Boulder, Colo., USA: If you ever fly from L.A. to San Francisco, California, you may notice..

Researchers drill deep to understand why the Sumatra earthquake was so severe

Credit: Tim Fulton, IODP / JRSO An international team of scientists has found evidence suggesting the dehydration of minerals deep below the ocean floor influenced the severity of the Sumatra earthq..

Marmoset monkeys learn to call the same way human infants learn to babble

Credit: Daniel Y. Takahashi A baby's babbles start to sound like speech more quickly if they get frequent vocal feedback from adults. Princeton University researchers have found the same type of..

Song diversity hints at thrushes’ evolutionary past

Credit: Roach & Phillmore/The Auk: Ornithological Advances The Hermit Thrush is famous for its melodiously undulating song, but we know very little about whether--and if so, how--its songs vary acr..

Rare tooth find reveals horned dinosaurs in eastern North America

Credit: Photo by George Phillips, MDWFP Museum of Natural Science. A chance discovery in Mississippi provides the first evidence of an animal closely related to Triceratops in eastern North America. ..

The high plains aquifer: Can we make it last?

Credit: Susan Stover, Rex Buchanan, and GSA Today. Boulder, Colorado, USA: The heart of the United States is a highly productive agricultural region. This "breadbasket" underpins much of U.S. societ..

Microhabitats enhance butterfly diversity in nature’s imitation game

Credit: (Image credits: Kim Garwood / Julia Robinson Willmott) The spectacular variety of colours and patterns that butterflies use to ward off potential predators may result from highly localised ..

The right thing to do: Why do we follow unspoken group rules?

KNOXVILLE--How you dress, talk, eat and even what you allow yourself to feel - these often unspoken rules of a group are social norms, and many are internalized to such a degree that you probably don&..

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