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Who stole the light?

Self-induced ultrafast demagnetization limits the amount of light diffracted from magnetic samples at soft x-ray energiesCredit: MBI Berlin Free electron X-ray lasers deliver intense ultrashort pulses of x-rays, which can be

Physicists make electrical nanolasers even smaller

Credit: Dmitry Fedyanin Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and King's College London cleared the obstacle that had prevented the creation of electrically driven nanolasers for integrated circuits. The

Shining a light on disordered and fractal systems

A University of Tsukuba research team uses terahertz-frequency light to probe the unusual behavior of disordered systems to discover that the anonymously large vibrations in lysozyme can be explained by its glassy and fractal nature…

Magnetic field with the edge!

Credit: Atul Kumar A team of Indian and Japanese physicists have overturned the six-decade old notion that the giant magnetic field in a high intensity laser produced plasma evolves from the small, nanometre scale in the bulk plasma . They…