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UC researchers uncover clues for COVID-19 treatment

A team of UC and German researchers look at a natural agent as a promising therapy for the coronavirus By examining preexisting research for other conditions, researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found a potential treatment…

Coming soon to a circuit near you

Hebrew University researchers inch closer to harnessing DNA molecules for disease detection and electronicsCredit: Hebrew University We know that DNA molecules express heredity through genetic information. However, in the past few years,…

A red future for improving crop production?

Credit: Lawrence Atkin Researchers have found a way to engineer more efficient versions of the plant enzyme Rubisco by using a red-algae-like Rubisco from a bacterium. For 50 years scientists have striven to boost the activity of

Wound-healing waves

Researchers at IST Austria find a complex interplay among cells, which guides them to where they need to goCredit: Tsuyoshi Hirashima Many cells in our bodies are on the move and somehow seem to "know" where to go. But how do they learn…