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Quantum magic squares

Quantum magic squares cannot be as easily characterized as their 'classical' cousins Magic squares belong to the imagination of humanity for a long time. The oldest known magic square comes from China and is over 2000 years old. One of the…

A new beat in quantum matter

Non-Abelian Bloch oscillations in higher-order topological insulators Oscillatory behaviors are ubiquitous in Nature, ranging from the orbits of planets to the periodic motion of a swing. In pure crystalline systems, presenting a perfect…

Two liquids of water exist

Using x-ray lasers, researchers at Stockholm University have been able to follow the transformation between two distinct different liquid states of water, both being made of H2O molecules. At around -63 Centigrade the two liquids exist at…

Looking inside the glass

Credit: Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan - A team of researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science at The University of Tokyo used advanced electron spectroscopy and computer simulations to