Dog skull study reveals genetic changes linked to face shape

A study of dog DNA has revealed a genetic mutation linked to flat face shapes such as those seen in pugs and bulldogs. The research reveals new insights into the genes that underpin skull formation ..

Dramatic shift in gut microbes and their metabolites seen after weight loss surgery

Credit: Graphic by Jason Drees for the Biodesign Institute Obesity, already a global epidemic, is on the rise. Over one third of the U.S. population is currently afflicted, according to the Centers..

Scientists identify protein linked to chronic heart failure

Credit: Tsuda et al., 2017 Researchers in Japan have identified a receptor protein on the surface of heart cells that promotes chronic heart failure. The study, "Corticotropin releasing hormone rec..

Open-access genetic screening for hereditary breast cancer is feasible and effective

Ashkenazi Jewish women are known to have a predisposition to the inherited breast cancers BRCA1 and BRCA2, but currently genetic testing in this group is limited to women affected by breast and ovaria..

Knowledge gap on the origin of sex

There are significant gaps in our knowledge on the evolution of sex, according to a research review on sex chromosomes from Lund University in Sweden. Even after more than a century of study, research..

Targeted conservation could protect more of Earth’s biodiversity

Credit: Yale University/University of Grenoble New Haven, Conn. - A new study finds that major gains in global biodiversity can be achieved if an additional 5% of land is set aside to protect key s..

Why this IndyCar driver is outpacing diabetes

Credit: Michigan State University EAST LANSING, Mich. - New Michigan State University research is the first to help a professional race car driver with diabetes improve his performance during compet..

In fruit fly and human genetics, timing is everything

Credit: McKay Lab (UNC-Chapel Hill) CHAPEL HILL, NC - Every animal starts as a clump of cells, which over time multiply and mature into many different types of cells, tissues, and organs. This is f..

USDA invests $17.7 million in plant health and production workforce

WASHINGTON, D.C. May 25, 2017 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) today announced 54 grants totaling more than $17.7 million for plant ..

Georgia State receives $2.3 million renewal grant to study enzyme in diabetic vascular diseases

Credit: Georgia State University ATLANTA -- Dr. Ming-Hui Zou, director of the Center for Molecular & Translational Medicine and a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Molecular Medicine, ha..

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