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Freshly printed magnets

Metal 3D laser printingCredit: Empa It looks quite inconspicuous to the casual beholder, hardly like groundbreaking innovation: a small metallic chessboard, four millimeters long on either side. At first glance, it shines like polished

New discovery advances optical microscopy

Enables researchers to directly visualize unlabeled objects that have deep sub-wavelength separationsCredit: Lynford Goddard, Grainger Engineering URBANA, Ill. - New Illinois ECE research is advancing the field of optical

Restoring vision by gene therapy

Humans rely dominantly on their eyesight. Losing vision means not being able to read, recognize faces or find objects. Macular degeneration is one of the major reasons for visual impairment, round the globe, close to 200 million people…

Scientists create smallest semiconductor laser

Scientists create smallest semiconductor laser that works in visible range at room temperature An international team of researchers led by researchers from ITMO University announced the development of the world's most compact