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Smart sponge could clean up oil spills

Highly porous sponge selectively soaks up oil, sparing water and wildlifeCredit: Northwestern University EVANSTON, Ill. -- A Northwestern University-led team has developed a highly porous smart sponge that selectively soaks up…

An EPiQS pursuit

Physicist Andrea Young is chosen to receive an Experimental Investigator award from the Moore Foundation UC Santa Barbara condensed matter physicist Andrea Young conducts his work at the boundary of theory and actuality, as he builds…

High hopes for new-age rubber

'Self-repairing' material has many industrial usesCredit: Flinders University Imagine a self-repairing rubber, or super-adhesive made entirely from waste materials. It sounds like science fiction, but researchers have

Designing vaccines from artificial proteins

Credit: EPFL Vaccines are one of the most effective interventions to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. They trigger the immune system to produce antibodies that protect us against infection. However, we still lack