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Biobased chemicals take center stage

Usually, when oil prices fall, biobased chemical firms struggle. But these days, alternatives to petroleum-based products are undergoing a renaissance. Consumers are increasingly eco-conscious, leading companies to partner with chemical…

Which businesses should be open?

In light of COVID-19, an MIT study looks at tradeoffs between economic value and public health, across different types of retail Banks and bookstores. Gyms and juice bars. Dental offices and department stores. The Covid-19 crisis has…

Student-school mismatch

Why high-ability school graduates choose low-quality universities Capable school graduates sometimes choose low-ranking universities which do not match their abilities. According to the findings of HSE University researchers, up to…

Social good creates economic boost

As governments around the globe move to prop up their ailing economies, a first-of-its-kind investigation could provide important input to employment policyCredit: QUT As unemployment rates skyrocket around the world in response to the