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The persistence of plastic

New report reveals for the first time the level of terrestrial synthetic microfiber emission on a global scale The amount of synthetic microfiber we shed into our waterways has been of great concern over the last few years, and for good…

Mold now associated with food quality

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have studied a range of perceptions among Danes about good, healthy and safe foodstuffs. Their findings report that mold prone foods are considered to be more natural than those with long shelf…

Bending the curve of biodiversity loss

Credit: IIASA Plant and animal species across the world are steadily disappearing due to human activity. A major new IIASA-led study suggests that without ambitious, integrated action combining conservation and restoration efforts

Natural pest control saving billions

Credit: The University of Queensland Biological control of insect pests - where 'natural enemies' keep pests at bay - is saving farmers in Asia and the Pacific billions of dollars, according to University of Queensland-led research. Dr…