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Native bees also facing novel pandemic

Move over, murder hornets. There's a new bee killer in town. CU Boulder researchers have found there is growing evidence that another "pandemic," as they call it, has been infecting bees around the world for the past two decades and is…

Stress testing ‘coral in a box’

Credit: Christian Voolstra Coral death is impacting oceans worldwide as a consequence of climate change. The concern is that corals cannot keep pace with the rate of ocean warming. In particular, because a temperature increase

The story behind a uniquely dark, wetland soil

Credit: Karen Vaughan When it comes to soils, proper identification is key. Identification allows scientists to determine the story behind the soil: how it formed, how it behaves in different scenarios, and how valuable it may be to

Strange bedfellows

How butterfly caterpillars sustain their association with cocktail antsCredit: Krushnamegh Kunte The spectacular leaps of gazelles, group living in deer and monkeys, and fast flight in many insects are all linked by a