New photocatalyst speeds up the conversion of carbon dioxide into chemical resources

Credit: DGIST DGIST's joint research team has developed a new titania photocatalyst that converts carbon dioxide into methane three times more efficiently than the existing photocatalyst by ma..

HIV patients sticking with therapy longer, Medicaid data show

With antiretroviral drugs, HIV has become a manageable chronic condition, but only so long as patients continue to take the medication. A large new Brown University study finds substantial momentum in..

Total abdominal wall transplantation for complex transplant cases — experts outline technique

May 26, 2017 - For some patients undergoing intestinal or multi-organ transplantation, closing the abdominal wall poses a difficult surgical challenge. Total abdominal wall transplantation provides an..

Increased facial and head injuries after motorcycle helmet law change in Michigan

May 26, 2017 - Skull fractures and other head and facial injuries from motorcycle trauma in Michigan have doubled since that state relaxed its motorcycle helmet laws, reports a study in the June issue..

Nagoya University researchers break down plastic waste

Credit: Nagoya Univesity Nagoya, Japan - What to do proteins and Kevlar have in common? Both feature long chain molecules that are strung together by amide bonds. These strong chemical bonds are al..

No green light for latest traffic light app following expert evaluation

Credit: University of Huddersfield FROM sat-nav to automated parking and collision avoidance systems - cars are equipped with an increasing array of electronic aids designed to reduce the scope for ..

Ontario town’s 10-year, $2.7 million effort to save endangered turtles offers global lessons, template

Credit: Glenn Lowson A newly completed project in a remote corner of southwestern Ontario is being hailed as a landmark achievement in the protection of at-risk species and a model for other commun..

Why communication is vital — even among plants and fungi

Plant scientists at the University of Cambridge have found a plant protein indispensable for communication early in the formation of symbiosis - the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and..

‘Tiny clocks’ crystallize understanding of meteorite crashes

Credit: Photo by Desmond Moser/Western University Almost two billion years ago, a 10-kilometre-wide chunk of space slammed down into rock near what is now the city of Sudbury. Now, scientists from We..

Chemical array draws out malignant cells to guide individualized cancer treatment

Credit: Photo by L. Brian Stauffer CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- Melanoma is a particularly difficult cancer to treat once it has metastasized, spreading throughout the body. University of Illinois researchers..