Brain microenvironment makes HER2-positive breast cancer metastases resistant to treatment

While target therapies directed toward genetic mutations that drive a tumor's growth have significantly improved the outlook for many patients, they have not been as successful in controlling bra..

Genetic risk factor for equine eye cancer identified

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common cancer found in equine eyes and the second most common tumor of the horse overall. Thanks to a recent genetic study led by UC Davis, horse owners can n..

BU researcher receives entrepreneur award from the American Thoracic Society

(Boston) -- Avrum Spira, MD, MSc, professor of medicine, pathology and bioinformatics at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), is the inaugural recipient of the Research Innovation and Translat..

A new T-cell population for cancer immunotherapy

Scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland have, for the first time, described a new T cell population that can recognize and kill tumor cells. The open access journal eLife has published th..

AstraZeneca and the Francis Crick Institute sign research agreement

The Francis Crick Institute has signed a new research agreement with global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The five-year initiative will see researchers from AstraZeneca and the Crick collabor..

Study offers guidance for targeting residual ovarian tumors

CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Most women diagnosed with ovarian cancer undergo surgery to remove as many of the tumors as possible. However, it is usually impossible to eliminate all of the cancer cells because th..

Where body fat is carried can predict cancer risk

Scientists have found that carrying fat around your middle could be as good an indicator of cancer risk as body mass index (BMI), according to research* published in the British Journal of Cancer toda..

CNIO researcher funded by Melanoma Research Alliance to study brain metastasis in melanoma

Manuel Valiente, head of the Brain Metastasis Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), has been funded in the 2017 grant cycle by the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), the largest ..

Flexible new method for early cancer diagnosis

(University of Gothenburg) Earlier discovery of cancer and greater precision in the treatment process are the objectives of a new method developed by researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy and Boston Univ..

New cancer drug can prevent reactions to common airborne allergens

CHICAGO --- A cancer drug for patients with certain types of leukemia and lymphoma can also prevent reactions to some of the most common airborne allergies, according to a recent Northwestern Medicine..

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