New rice strain could help farmers predetermine harvest time

Credit: 2017 Takeshi Izawa. A new strain of rice that flowers within a certain period of time after being sprayed with commercial chemicals commonly used to protect rice from fungal diseases is now..

High burden of iodine deficiency found in Israel’s first national survey

Credit: (Credit: Hebrew University) The first national iodine survey conducted in Israel has revealed a high burden of iodine deficiency among Israelis, posing a high risk of maternal and fetal hyp..

Unrestricted improvements in fishing technology threaten the future of seafood

Overfishing is one among many environmental problems that scientists expect to be exacerbated by climate change. A new study by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Universitat..

Unique wheat passes the test

Stronger legs in fast-growing broilers, reduced phosphorus emissions to the environment, improved health for undernourished populations in developing countries and better use of scarce resources - the..

How do we get young men in vocational schools to eat healthy?

It is well-documented that young people in vocational schools eat less healthy than students in upper secondary schools, and many of these habits continue into adulthood. This pattern is particularly ..

Hydrogen production: This is how green algae assemble their enzymes

Credit: RUB, Kramer Researchers at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum have analysed how green algae manufacture complex components of a hydrogen-producing enzyme. The enzyme, known as the hydrogenase, may be ..

Northern oceans pumped CO2 into the atmosphere

Credit: Mohamed Ezat At the same time the pH of the surface waters in these oceans decreased, making them more acidic. Both of these findings imply changes in ocean circulation and primary producti..

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Debbie form and strengthen

Credit: Credits: NRL/NASA The tropical low pressure area previously known as System 91P has developed into a tropical cyclone named Debbie in the Southern Pacific Ocean and threatens eastern Queens..

Researchers warn of hazards of smoking and need for wider use of varenicline to...

Credit: Florida Atlantic University More than 35 million Americans are trying to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes causes 480,000 premature deaths each year due mainly to a two-fold risk of cardiova..

The skin cancer screening paradigm: Reviewing current guidelines for detecting melanoma

The Future Science Group (FSG) journal Melanoma Management, today announces the publication of a new perspective article, in which over 50 leaders in the dermatology field critically assess current sc..