Zhu examining tolled & priced lanes

Shanjiang Zhu, Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering, received $110,119 from the Federal Highway Administration for the project: “Modeling Strategies for Reflecting Demand Response to Tolled and Priced Lanes Framing Paper.”

For this project, Zhu and a team of researchers will:

    1) review the existing Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) tolling analysis model and

    2) evaluate promising alternative modeling approaches (at least three, including one econometric and one network-based approach) for demand responses to tolled and priced lanes in details based on a comprehensive review of this research field.

The researchers will produce detailed technical reports on the technical methods, assumptions, merits, limitations, data sources for calibration and validation, and proof-of-idea demonstrations when applicable.

Findings from this study will inform FHWA the state-of-art modeling strategies for reflecting demand response to tolled and priced lanes, and their applicability in different applications.


The researchers began this project in October 2019 and will complete it in September 2020.

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