Youth fitness program, BORN TO MOVE from Les Mills, increases positive exercise outcomes


Credit: Les Mills

CHICAGO – Nov. 29, 2016 – A recent study completed at Edge Hill University has found that participants in BORN TO MOVETM, a youth exercise program from Les Mills, increased their push-up performance by 111 percent, significantly improved standing long-jump performance and participated in remarkably more moderate-to-intense physical activity over participants in regular school physical education (PE) classes.

The full study titled, "A non-equivalent group pilot trial of a school-based physical activity and fitness intervention for 10-11-year-old English children: BORN TO MOVE" can be found here.

BORN TO MOVE participants averaged 15.8 minutes of physical activity more than participants in regular school PE classes and averaged 21.1 fewer minutes of sedentary activity over the course of 24 hours. Improvements in physical activity and reduction of sedentary time may be important for children's health related to reduced obesity rates, decreased cardiometabolic risk, and other positive health outcomes.

In addition to the physical performance outcome improvements, the study also found that BORN TO MOVE participants were more motivated to exercise than the other participants. BORN TO MOVE participants had favorable views of the music and program methodology and had more positive reactions to their teachers versus the teachers of the regular PE classes.

"The results were profound. We found that the participating kids had a more positive reaction to BORN TO MOVE as it related to their enjoyment and motivation, along with a more positive self-evaluation of their overall fitness and health," said Bryce Hastings, head of research at Les Mills International. "We know that physical inactivity is associated with obesity and diabetes. Children who enjoy exercise being incorporated regularly into their lives are healthier kids. These habits carry over to adulthood, thus making a healthier adult population."

The study tested 140 middle-school aged children from four state-funded schools in Northwest England. Half of the participants from two of the schools completed BORN TO MOVE programs twice a week for six weeks. The remaining participants completed regular, state-guided PE classes. Results were both self-reported and measured by accelerometers, movement monitors that measure the intensity of physical activity. The muscular fitness, cardio and respiratory fitness, and habitual physical activity of the 10- and 11-year-old study participants were tested and measured throughout the course of the study.

BORN TO MOVE is a series of movement-based classes designed to build confidence and foundational fitness skills through movement, imagination and games. For additional information on Les Mills or where to find BORN TO MOVE classes, go to


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