Yiğit exploring processes in Mars upper atmosphere with MAVEN EUVM solar occultations

Erdal Yiğit, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, received $9,087 from NASA for a project in which he will run simulations of the Mars upper atmosphere. He will do so for time periods corresponding with when Extreme Ultraviolet Monitor (EUVM) solar occultation measurements show evidence of variability due to tides and gravity wave forcing.

For each time period, multiple runs may be necessary, which constrain different sources of atmospheric variability, in order to identify the fundamental underlying causes of the observed variability.

In addition to generating the model runs, Yiğit will collaborate with other co-investigators in analyzing and interpreting the results, and will attend team meetings annually to review existing results, and plan future analyses. Further, Yiğit will assist in the dissemination of the results by presenting them at one conference, and will generate text, figures, and tables for other conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications.

Funding for this project began in August 2020 and will end in August 2024.


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