Wiley and The Royal Entomological Society announce publishing partnership renewal

John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE:JWa) (NYSE:JWb) and The Royal Entomological Society are proud to announce the renewal of their publishing agreement and continued commitment to their partnership. Having partnered for many years, this renewed agreement extends for a further term and builds upon a long history of successful collaboration that has seen the RES journals grow from strength to strength.

Wiley and the RES are looking forward to working closely together on developing bespoke plans for their portfolio of journals. Joint efforts have already contributed to increasing the speed and efficiency of the RES journal processes, reducing the average turnaround times from submission to decision, and enabling the Editors to focus on their roles to maintain the high-quality content and strategic direction of the journals. Looking forward, Wiley and the RES will continue to work closely together to contribute to the implementation of editorial development activities that not only benefit the journals but the wider entomological community as a whole.

"The Royal Entomological Society has had a very successful collaboration with Wiley in the publishing of its stable of peer-reviewed journals," said Prof. Lin Field, Editorial Officer for the Royal Entomological Society. "As the Editorial Officer for the RES, I am very pleased that this will continue in a new partnership. The RES is rightly proud of our journals and the role they play in the society's goal of promoting entomological research, and we value greatly the support from Wiley."

"We are honoured to publish the seven RES journals and to support the promotion and development of entomology around the world," commented Vicky Johnson, Editorial Director of Life Science at Wiley. "We are delighted that this new contract provides us with a framework in which to work alongside the RES to drive the continuing development of their journals as leading publications in their respective fields within entomology."


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