Wiley and The Physiological Society announce physiology discipline taxonomy

HOBOKEN, N.J.–September 17, 2019— John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE: JW-A) (NYSE: JW-B) is delighted to announce a multi-faceted physiology taxonomy, developed in collaboration with The Physiological Society, to greatly support search and discovery for the physiology and associated communities.

Wiley understands the particular importance today of making connections across disciplinary boundaries, investing in capabilities to fully automate the tagging and display of journal article content against taxonomies to deliver a much more compelling experience for users of Wiley Online Library and drive discovery and usage. Users can break the traditional boundaries of journals and issues and get right to the content they care about by given topics. Readers can access the taxonomy on The Physiological Society’s publications hub.

“We’ve worked with The Physiological Society to define a knowledge model of taxonomies and vocabularies being used to describe their content in a more granular way than ever before, extracting key concepts from all published and ongoing new articles automatically to apply these taxonomies to their content and improve content discoverability for readers,” said Ben Miller, platform capability manager, Wiley.

“Discoverability of content is a holy grail for journal publishing and for research. The taxonomy will be invaluable to our journals’ authors and readers, whose input will refine it further and keep it up to date. As physiology is a multifaceted discipline, the taxonomy will help researchers across the whole of biomedicine. We are happy to share the taxonomy so that other journals too can benefit from it. Many thanks to Wiley for their work on the project over several years,” added Simon Rallison, director of scientific programmes at The Physiological Society.


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