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Have you ever marvelled at a beautifully-written piece of research and wondered why? Or, been required to conduct one and doubted how? Or, needed to provide feedback and pondered what? And yet, despite numerous books on research methods in the market, you find yourself at the starting line of your research journey. But, fret not, World Scientific is here to save the day with the book Research Methods: A Practical Guide for Students and Researchers, by Prof Willie Tan, currently Head of the Department of Building in the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore and an esteemed expert on the subject of research methods.

As posited by Dr Willie Tan in this book, "Research is the bedrock of science". Compared to other books on research methods that tend to appear simple and impractical as a guide to actual practice, Research Methods has a practical slant. Suitable for both undergraduate and graduate research students and at use at the National University of Singapore, the book does not simplify any exposition and explains every process intuitively with application examples taken from multiple differing fields of research. Essentially, it provides students and researchers across different disciplines, a solid and systematic approach to carry out their research professionally.

The book is comprehensive as it includes both qualitative and quantitative research designs; it discusses causal and interpretive research, the formulation of the research question and hypothesis, and literary review. it also provides a how-to guide to students, using case studies, on designing and conducting objective surveys, as well as interpreting the results. It quotes detailed examples from different fields so that potential researchers are able to obtain a clearer understanding.

The most striking component of this book is its ability to integrate the entire research process from research problem formation to research methodology to conclusion. While being comprehensive, this book is also concise; most of its chapters are relatively short, highlighting key issues in every step of the research process. Research Methods serves as a one-stop shop for anyone who needs to conduct or review research, making it an indispensable reference material for students and researchers.


Research Methods: A Practical Guide for Students and Researchers retails at US$58 / £51 (hardback) or US$38 / £33 (paperback) at leading bookstores. For further information regarding the book, please visit http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/10699 If you require a review copy, any additional information, or would like to interview the author(s), please contact Amanda Yun at [email protected]

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