Uber and Kazan University name Saint-Petersburg the most ‘taxi-abundant’ city in Russia

The two parties sampled 1,600 Uber users in Russia's five biggest cities – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, and Yekaterinburg.

The results showed that Saint-Petersburg has 7 taxis per 1,000 inhabitants. Following Russia's northern capital are Yekaterinburg with 5.9 and Kazan with 5.7 cars per 1,000.

Moscow is only fourth with 4.8 taxis. In comparison, London and New York have about 12 per 1,000 population, said Uber representatives.

Those surveyed name public transit as their favorite mode of transportation – 60.4%. Other services, mostly taxis, become popular in new or distant neighborhoods, noted Vice-Rector of Kazan University Marat Safiullin.

Survey authors also sampled 1,600 Uber drivers. 49% named their work for the company their own or main source of income, and 51% – a supplementary one. As 63% of drivers specified, they started cooperating with Uber after they had lost their employment.

Uber and KFU have been cooperating for some time, with the latest meeting having taken place on March 14th, 2017; the sides discussed how Uber may be of help in coordinating transportation for the University Clinic.


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