Two medications from Kazan University awarded at International Exhibition of Inventions

The event took place on April 10-14

The compounds are among the eight prospective medications developed by Kazan University’s Pharmaceutics Center.

Codename KFU-01 is a dipharmacophore, i. e. a framework of two active components which work in tandem after getting into the organism. The compound has shown significant advantages over all existing analogs in treating locomotor ailments.

Codename KFU-02 is a platform technology based on a reuptake inhibitor aimed at boosting the effectiveness of tumor treatment without chemotherapy.

Companies-residents of Skolkovo Innovation Center have been established to promote both medications. Russian and international patents have been registered. Clinical trials are expected to commence in Russia in 2019.

After evaluating over 70 exhibits in biomedicine, Geneva Exhibition committee gave both projects gold medals. They also received commendation from Russian Patent Service and national delegations of Taiwan and Iran.

According to KFU-01 and KFU-02 project leader, Director of Pharmaceutics Center Yury Shtyrlin, the medals mean that both medications have reached global awareness, which stimulates further intensive work.


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