Tong examining development and readiness of satellite products for fire and smoke forecasting


Tong Examining Development & Readiness Of Satellite Products For Fire & Smoke Forecasting

Daniel Tong, Associate Professor, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences, College of Science, is using aircraft campaign data to assess the quality of a new satellite fire product that NOAA officials are considering implementing to support their next-generation wildfire forecasting system.

He is also using a NOAA wildfire forecasting model to generate a scaling factor for the new fire emission product. The improved fire product will be integrated into the next-generation wildfire forecasts used to support NOAA operations.

The overarching goal of this work is to improve the quality of model-ready fire emission data used to support the Convection Allowing Model-Community Multiscale Air Quality (CAM-CMAQ) wildfire forecasting system.

Tong received $100,000 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for this work. Funding began in May 2020 and will end in late April 2023.


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