TMAC at UTA granted $6.6 million federal award

Credit: UTA

TMAC at The University of Texas at Arlington has been granted a $6.6 million federal award to help accelerate the growth and competitiveness of small and mid-sized manufacturing firms. TMAC is the Texas affiliate of the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

"This award enables The University of Texas at Arlington to continue being a catalyst in the economic development of the metroplex and state through helping small and mid-sized manufacturing firms develop or improve products, processes, and human capital to increase sales and profits, and create jobs," said UTA President Vistasp Karbhari.

"This long term support enables the University to continue taking a leadership role in the community, ensuring that we are not just a creator and disseminator of knowledge, but that it is translated into actions that help create economic wealth for our state. I'm pleased that our faculty and staff are able to contribute in this manner, enhancing innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth."

Texas ranks no. 2 in the country for manufacturing behind California, with $225 billion in manufacturing output, close to 14 percent of Texas' GDP. Over the last 10 years, TMAC at UTA has served more than 2,100 customers, helping save more than $1.2 billion in costs and retaining or generating more than 35,000 jobs.

"Manufacturing is critical to Texas and generates real wealth for our citizens," said Mark Sessumes, TMAC Executive Director. "The average wage in the manufacturing sector is $83,000, much higher than the service sector, so making sure that our manufacturing is solid is vital for our future. TMAC is a key player in ensuring the health of this ecosystem."

Some examples of TMAC success stories are:

  • J. Berry Nursery: TMAC worked with the J. Berry team to identify more than 15 improvement opportunities that resulted in an estimated $127,000 in labor cost savings for the nursery. TMAC also designed a strategic plan that provided 5 bold steps to help the owners accomplish the 5-year vision for their growing nursery. The J. Berry team is now prepared for a clear vision on how to continue its growth for the future.

"TMAC provided J Berry Nursery with insightful recommendations, strategy guidance and labor saving changes to make in several areas of our business. TMAC is a great resource for small businesses in Texas like J. Berry Nursery that might not able to afford their level of expertise otherwise." ~Jonathan Berry, Co-Founder J. Berry Nursery

  • Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS) was founded in 2013 to become the global leader in the electric vehicle charging industry. TMAC started working with RCS in 2015 on the design of a residential home charger and the final design was completed by 2017. Since then, RCS has seen improved investor interest opportunities and leads. The prototype is also aiding RCS to stay in the lead in the residential market, with a finalized moldable design ready to launch for mass production in the summer of 2018.

"Juan Paramo, with TMAC, was instrumental in the success of our new residential home charger. Juan's professionalism and mechanical engineering experience was crucial." ~Edward Morgan, CEO

  • MedHab has developed a device that can measure the weight placed on an injured leg to help with rehabilitation processes. The device, which resembles a shoe insert with electronics, has been patented. With TMAC's help, MedHab is now manufacturing three devices and working with a Fortune 500 Health Care Company that has an interest to license or acquire the technology.

"This relationship has been incredible; TMAC provides a wealth of resources along the entire path of product commercialization. Their deep experience in industrial engineering and business growth provides us mature processes for delivering quality products without waste. This partnership is leading us to FDA certification. We are about to embark on a successful launch of a great product and profitable business that will speed patient recovery more cost-effectively with better results than anything currently found in the marketplace." Johnny Ross, co-founder and CEO

Duane Dimos, UTA vice president for research, underlined the importance of the partnership of TMAC with UTA, which provides experts from its faculty to support many of the projects.

"UTA has the strategic missions of strengthening the links between academia and industry, and between the University and the community," Dimos said. "TMAC at UTA enables us to succeed in both of these areas and in addition develop wealth and new jobs in our region, which raises the commitment of all involved."


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