This week from AGU: The Fundao Dam, cyanobacteria, and three new research papers

The Landslide Blog

The history of the Fundao Dam near Bento Rodriguez

It is increasingly clear that the disaster at the Samarco mine that destroyed the town of Bento Rodriguez in Brazil in a mudslide of tailings last week was caused by the failure of one of the upstream structures, the Fundao Dam, writes Dave Petley on The Landslide Blog.

Agencies collaborate, develop a cyanobacteria assessment network

An integrated, holistic approach to detecting and characterizing cyanobacteria blooms could reduce human health risks and better direct field resources.

New research papers

Lightning as a space-weather hazard: UK thunderstorm activity modulated by the passage of the heliospheric current sheet, Geophysical Research Letters

Downdip variations in seismic reflection character: Implications for fault structure and seismogenic behavior in the Alaska subduction zone, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth

Methyl chloride as a tracer of tropical tropospheric air in the lowermost stratosphere inferred from IAGOS-CARIBIC passenger aircraft measurements, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres


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