This week from AGU: Research presented at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting & mapping northern seas



Blog posts about research presented at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting:

Chemical changes in groundwater precede earthquakes in Iceland, study finds

New research shows that the tumultuous groundwater beneath northern Iceland's mist may hold the key to predicting future earthquakes in the region.

Parts of Sierra Nevada Mountains more susceptible to drought than previously thought, study finds

Particular areas in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains have a high capacity to store water but are more susceptible to droughts than previously thought, new research finds.

Storm runoff could help replenish dwindling California aquifers

Researchers have a plan to recharge groundwater aquifers in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties with runoff captured from rainstorms.

Seesawing sea surface height corresponds with global temperatures, study finds

Patterns of sea level changes in the Pacific may be a better way to monitor global temperatures than measuring ocean temperatures at the sea surface, new research finds.

In Antarctica, melting ice drives unusual phytoplankton growth

A new study shows the reason behind the Amundsen Sea's startling productivity: meltwater from an abutting ice shelf flows into the sea, buoys iron to the surface and jumpstarts phytoplankton growth.

Sounding the northern seas

A new compilation of underwater terrain provides the most up-to-date mapping of portions of the western Arctic and North Pacific.


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