This week from AGU: Elegant landslides, hackable phones, and 3 research spotlights


New York's cold temperatures linked to destructive storms in Spain

In a new study, researchers analyzed over 100 years of data to show a link between severe cold spells in the northeastern United States and strong storms in western Europe.

The Landslide Blog

A recent earthquake generated landslides in Chile

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred in the Atacama Desert on Monday. We know little about landslide activity during earthquakes in very arid conditions, so this is a technically interesting event.

Three new fascinating landslide videos

As Asia reels under extraordinary rainfall under strong monsoon conditions, three new, interesting landslide videos have appeared on YouTube. The first shows a rather elegant rockslide.

Augmented Reality Turns a Sandbox into a Geoscience Lesson

Superimposing responsive digital effects onto sand in a sandbox places educators, students, and policy makers in an augmented reality, offering a hands-on way to explore geoscience processes.

Research Spotlights A cluster of water seeps on Mars?

The discovery of dense concentrations of recurring flow-like features in two Valles Marineris chasms could aid in the search for life and influence future exploration of the Red Planet, according to a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

Your phone, tablet, and computer aren't safe from hackers

Cables and circuitry inside your gadgets' screens act as accidental antennae that broadcast screens' contents. A new study, published in the journal Radio Science, says these security risks should be fixed before hackers exploit it.

Volcanic Eruptions Stir an Already Complex Atmosphere

A new study of Earth's atmospheric response to major volcanic eruptions, published in Geophysical Research Letters, seeks to reconcile contradictions between observations and climate models.


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