This week from AGU: Data science, blogs from the fall meeting, & 3 new papers


Visualizing data science

This is part of a new series of posts that highlight the importance of Earth and space science data and its contributions to society. "What is a data scientist?" D.J. Patil, now the U.S. Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy, asked an audience of Earth and space scientists during a Dec. 14, 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting Town Hall.

Blogs from the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting

  • Large asteroid hit would make the world burn, go dark
  • Ancient solar storms may explain how Mars morphed into a cold, barren desert
  • Climate change and bark beetles spell doom for Rocky Mountain spruce forests
  • A natural experiment: City in pristine Amazon shows pollution alters ecosystem
  • Policy changes in Mongolian capital could improve health, decreasing lives lost to air pollution
  • Rainforests not so rainy: Cutting trees cuts rainfall
  • Tiny fuel spills at gas stations can contaminate soil
  • Harbor seals hang out on glacier ice
  • Preserved trees that grew 12,000 years ago improve radiocarbon dating calibrations
  • Scientists map Titan's lakes, revealing clues to their origins
  • Volcano pressure guns show how rocks spew and eruptions ensue
  • Problematic asteroids could be pushed off course by gentle thrusts

How biofuels can cool our climate and strengthen our ecosystems

Critics of biofuels like ethanol argue they are an unsustainable use of land. But with careful management, next-generation grass-based biofuels can net climate savings and improve their ecosystems.

New research papers

Does El Niño intensity matter for California precipitation? Geophysical Research Letters

Predictions of Solar Cycle 24: How are we doing? Space Weather

Vertical land motion as a key to understanding sea level change and variability, Reviews of Geophysics


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