This Week from AGU: Dangerous pollutants, landslides in Japan, and 4 new research papers

Idling diesel engines may produce dangerous pollutant
Trucks idling at a rest stop or tractors plowing fields could be producing more of a hazardous pollutant than big rigs roaring down the highway, according to a new study in Geophysical Research Letters.

The Landslide Blog
The distribution of landslides from the M=7.0 Kumamoto Earthquake
Analyses are now appearing of the distribution of landslides triggered by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake and its aftershocks that occurred near Kumamoto, Japan on April 16.
Climate Modeling with Decision Makers in Mind
Participants at the Aspen Global Change Institute's weeklong workshop explored gaps in climate data provision and use.

Remembering Richard P. Von Herzen (1930-2016)
Richard P. Von Herzen, a pioneer of marine heat flow studies who helped validate plate tectonics and discover oceanic hydrothermal vents, passed away on 28 January 2016. He was 85.

New research papers
A new view for the geodynamics of Ecuador: implication in seismogenic sources definition and seismic hazard assessment, Tectonics

Seasonal trends of Amazonian rainforest phenology, net primary productivity, and carbon allocation, Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Mantle control of the geodynamo: Consequences of top-down regulation, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

Hydrogen and chlorine abundances in the Kimberley Formation of Gale Crater measured by the DAN instrument onboard the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets


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