The world congress on soils SUITMA-9 to be held in Moscow


The Congress takes place every 2 years in the biggest cities around the world. In 2017 for the first time it will be held in the capital of Russia. The Congress is titled "Urbanization as a Threat and Opportunity for Soil Functions and Ecosystem Services", which is especially important in the Year of Ecology in Russia.

There are 14 subject sections and 6 panel discussions scheduled at the Congress. Among them are "Urbanization and Sustainable Development of European Cities", "Law Basis and Strategy for Ensuring Quality of Urban Soils" and others.

There are recognized scientists and teachers of world-class universities among speakers. Plenary speakers are included into the 1% most cited scientists in the world. In particular, they are Prof. Rattan Lal (Ohio University, USA; the Current President of the International Union of Soil Science, IUSS); Prof. Riccardo Valentini (University of Tuscia, Italy; Nobel laureate 2007, Senator of Province of Lazio); Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov (Director of the Department of Soil Science of Temperate Ecosystems; University of Georg-August, Germany). SUITMA-9 will be held with the support of the Erasmus+ JeanMonnet. The International Union of Soil Science is a Co-organizer of the Congress.


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