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As we all know, developing the field of Green Building (GB) is one of the most effective measures to save energy and reduce carbon emissions in the world. How to promote the development of green building has puzzled plenty of scholars so far. However, a new research mind has to emerge in our minds from recent research article "The Relationship Between Green Building and Regional Economy: A Case Study in Guangdong, China", published in The Open Civil Engineering Journal. This paper has been studied and written by three scholars from Civil Engineering of North China University of Technology, for about two years. It is a landmark work to promote GB development and open up a new research angle of view in the previous studies of GB in the world. The article has analyzed driving factors and contributions in detail through the analysis for relationship between regional economy and green building. Based on the system dynamic (SD) theory, this paper constructs the structure model of the stock flow diagram, including the regional economic subsystem, social subsystem, government support subsystem and green building subsystem. Among the model, Guangdong province, as the most prosperous province of economic development with the largest numbers of certified green buildings in China, has been chosen to show the influence level of their relationship. Via simulation, results can be easily shown that development of GB can make contributions to the field of local economy, however, also be limited by the regional condition, including policy incentive, regional economic, technological, etc. Additionally, direct or indirect contributions can also be found quantitatively and qualitatively in this study, like employment opportunities, economic contributions and so on.

To develop green building vigorously, we are looking forward to further research in this field by subsequent scholars.


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Qibin Z et al (2017). The Relationship Between Green Building and Regional Economy: A Case Study in Guangdong, China, The Open Civil Engineering Journal , DOI: 10.2174/1874149501711010216

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