The Race for 5G Supremacy


Why Millennials in Both China and U.S. Will be the Key to Who Emerges as #1 in 5G


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How did China surpass the U.S. in 5G, bullet trains, EVs, digital currency, smart cities, and blockchain while nobody was looking? How can millennials in the U.S. who are plagued with anxiety and stuck working for large corporations that undervalue their abilities get the U.S. back on track?

Read a first-hand account by a millennial expat tech executive that’s worked in both countries how this will play out and what it means for you, in The Race for 5G Supremacy: Why China Is Surging, Where Millennials Struggle, & How America Can Prevail. The book provides first-hand experience on what it was like being a technology executive in both China and the U.S., how we got here, and how the global tech race will continue to play out.

“Trying to deal with the politics of Corporate America while filling out spreadsheets and PowerPoints was demoralizing given that I could speak Chinese and was already an expert in Internet of Things. To my surprise upon transitioning back to China I realized they were doing things completely differently from the U.S. When I landed at Pudong airport to start a new eCommerce company in 2016 it was like I took a plane ride into the future,” said co-author Austin Groves.

Millennials in Corporate America are finding it harder and harder to progress in the current culture short-term stock buybacks while the baby boomers in charge wait for retirement, stifling risk-taking and innovation from the country club parking lot. On top of this, they are dealing with the added anxiety of growing up with everything from school shootings to climate change, not to mention at least half of these millennials have been directly impacted by addiction–all this while China, with over 400 million millennials, is largely able to bypass these issues and cannot wait to take a bigger piece of the pie that isn’t getting much larger.

The authors of The Race for 5G Supremacy believe that if the U.S. is to regain and maintain technological dominance there is a dire need for not one, but two “Apollo Programs” to deal with not only the lack of technological progress in Corporate America, but to solve some of the devastating social issues holding American millennials back.

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About the Authors

Austin Groves grew up in a small city in upstate New York where alcoholism and addiction are rampant. Somehow by dumb luck and the support of a few relatives and friends, he created a career in technology which has allowed him to work in IoT projects with Accenture, Verizon, AT&T and Coca-Cola (Coke). By the age of 27, he implemented IoT projects in over 40 countries. He ended up in a NYSE listed company in Shanghai which dealt directly with Alibaba and He hired a large Chinese team and built an ecommerce business from scratch. His is an unlikely journey of a millennial traversing two worlds–the U.S. and China.

Paul Schulte first went to China as an equity analyst with Credit Suisse in 1992. He has analyzed seven five-year plans and has conducted research on Chinese equities for over 25 years having worked with Barings, Lehman, Nomura and China Construction Bank Intl. in Hong Kong. He has also been teaching millennial graduate students on five continents since 1999. He has written three books on China’s technological rise and has taught in China at Tsinghua, Fudan and Zhejiang Universities. He also worked at the White House NSC, the House of Representatives, and the International Trade Commission. He was also an advisor to the Indonesian Minister of Finance in the 1980s.

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