The most promising advanced reactor technology to be discussed during HTR 2018 conference

WARSAW, POLAND: The international conference focusing on High Temperature Reactors (HTR) and their applications will take place on 8-10 October 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. The conference should mark a transition between development and deployment of this intrinsically safe technology which can soon became an important source of energy to provide heat for industrial processes and households.

High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors are considered to be one of the best options among various reactor technologies thanks to their unique features of inherent safety that prevents core melting as well as its technological maturity.

HTR 2018 Conference aims to exchange information on research and development on HTR and to accelerate its wide application for industrial heat production. Contributions will cover recent construction of HTR in China, reactors proposed for Canadian mines, research results from European, Japanese and US programmes, UK small reactor study, as well as ambitious plans of Poland. The attendees will include experts from research and industry sectors as well as various decision makers.

"Talking about energy we usually have in mind electricity. But in fact we use more energy in the form of a heat, especially in chemical and heavy industry. HTR technology can offer a clean, environmentally friendly and safe solution to the increasing demand," – says Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, Conference Chairman. – "The technology was developed over the years and successfully tested in several countries. Now is the time to introduce it widely as an important part of the overall energy mix".


HTR 2018 Conference is the 9th International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology. The meetings were inaugurated in 2002 by the European High Temperature Reactor Technology Network HTR-TN at Petten, The Netherlands. Then successive meetings were held in China (Beijing, 2004), South Africa (Johannesburg, 2006), USA (Washington DC, 2008), Czech Republic (Prague, 2010), Japan (Tokyo, 2012), China (Weihai, 2014) and USA (Las Vegas, 2016).

Poland was chosen to host HTR 2018 Conference because of its interest in this technology. HTR deployment is among priority projects in the governmental document "Strategy for Responsible Development". Recently, Polish Ministry of Energy published a report addressing possibility of applying HTR technology. The conference is hosted by NationalCentre for Nuclear Research in Poland.

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