The key to getting published in biomedicine

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Besides good content, what else can professionals in the medical and para-medical professions do to improve their odds of being published?

Out of the support system of graduate/ medical school, young professionals bear the burden of the writing process without the guidance of a mentor. Many worry that they lack talent for expressing themselves in writing, or that they are sufficiently proficient enough in English to write a paper. To compound to this, they find a challenge in getting free time for writing.

World Scientific's latest guide, The 21st Century Guide to Writing Articles in the Biomedical Sciences, leads readers through the writing of articles in the biomedical sciences. The book is exactly what its name suggests: a contemporary, user-friendly, pocket-sized-yet-thorough journal article writing guide. The guide is tailored to the needs of young professionals who conduct research in the biomedical sciences, many times as a pursuit secondary to their clinical work. The premise of the book is that that the writing of scientific publications is an acquired skill and can be divided into manageable tasks.

Written in the first person, with an ever-encouraging tone by an experienced medical writer and editor, the book is full of easy-to-follow tips on managing every step of the writing process and a 200-word synopsis is presented as quick reference at the top of each chapter. An abundance of external resources to use while writing is included.

The book is structured on the IMRAD format for article sections, and covers the recommended content of each article section, as well as technical documentation that accompanies articles at submission. The sections focus on the work process, managing multi-author writing teams, time management of writing processes, and more.

The 21st Century Guide to Writing Articles in the Biomedical Sciences is the book for every doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pharmacologist and other biomedical science professionals who finds it hard to embark on their article-writing journey on their own.

This book retails for US$58 / £51 (hardcover) and US$28 / £25 (paperback). To know more about the book visit


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Shiri Diskin received her Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology from Tufts University Medical School in Boston, USA. She has worked as a medical writer and medical writing leader at a global pharmaceutical company and has been an independent medical writer and editor for many years, writing for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries, as well as for research groups in medicine and academia. Dr. Diskin teaches courses in writing scientific articles to doctors and para-medical professionals as part of their professional development programs at various medical centers and writes a blog on scientific writing.

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