The CRG awarded the EJE&CON Genderless Talent prize

The EJE&CON Awards to Genderless Talent go to P&G, Room Mate Hotels, CRG, Julia en la Onda of Onda Cero, with special mention for Rebeca Grynspan


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The Asociación Española de [email protected] y [email protected], EJE&CON, held the award ceremony of the third edition of its EJE&CON Awards to Genderless Talent, which acknowledge the promotion of female talent, in the categories of Large Enterprises, SMEs, institutions, the media and special mention.

The award panel, comprised of different professionals of acknowledged prestige in the different business and professional areas of the Public Administration, distinguished P&G, Room Mate Hotels, Centre for Genomic Regulation and the Julia en la Onda programme on Onda Cero, with a special mention for Rebeca Grynspan.

EJE&CON Award to Genderless Talent in the Large Enterprises category to Procter & Gamble (P&G)

The panel awarded the Large Enterprises category distinction to Procter & Gamble for its promotion of gender equality throughout the company’s departments and hierarchical levels, guaranteed through impeccable metrics and innovative measures that permit access to equal opportunities, as well as the inclusion of men through its MARC programme.

Javier Solans, Procter & Gamble’s Chief Executive Officer for Spain and Portugal, collected the award from Nerea Torres, president of EJE&CON.

EJE&CON Award to Genderless Talent in the SMEs category to Room Mate Hotels

The award in the SMEs category went to Room Mate Hotels by dint of its being an innovative company in a mature sector, and for having demonstrated from the outset that female talent is not just a number, as embodied in the key executive positions held by influential woman inside the organisation, and also for having committed to and prioritised in-house talent, diversity and equality, all of them integrated within its corporate values and business DNA.

Rosana Fernández, Human Resources Manager of Room Mate Hotels, collected the award from Rosa González, Brand and Corporate Culture Director of Banco de Santander.

EJE&CON Award to Genderless Talent in the Institutions category to Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

The award panel acknowledged CRG for defending the premise that excellence in the world of science must be accompanied by an impeccable human resources policy, for applying transparent recruitment criteria, for promoting stimulating working conditions and training and for championing equal opportunities through active gender equality policies.

The director of the Centre for Genomic Regulation, Luis Serrano, received the award from Lucas Osorio, Hogan Lovells’ Managing Partner in Madrid.

EJE&CON Award to Genderless Talent in the Communications Media category to the Julia en la Onda programme of Onda Cero.

EJE&CON distinguished the radio programme Julia en la Onda, led and presented by the journalist Julia Otero, for its patent and steadfast commitment to Genderless Talent.

Julián Cabrera, The News Programmes Director of Onda Cero, received the award from Antonio Sagardoy, CEO of Bros Group.

EJE&CON Genderless Talent Special Mention for Rebeca Grynspan

Every year, the panel acknowledges a person who has stood out on account of having either performed or promoted particularly relevant activities for the development of Genderless Talent. This year’s awardee was Rebeca Grynspan for her personal and professional career advocating the advancement of women and Genderless Talent. Rebeca Grynspan is former United Nations Under-Secretary-General, was Vice-President of Costa Rica and is one of the 50 most influential women intellectuals in Spanish-America.

Reyes Maroto, Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, delivered the award to Rebeca Grynspan.

“Promoting Genderless Talent”

The event also featured the participation of Sara Bieger, a member of the Governing Board of AXA, who welcomed the attendees to the ceremony.

The award ceremony was followed by a round-table featuring the award-winners and Magda Malé, Vice-President of EJE&CON and awards director.

Nerea Torres, president of EJE&CON, remarked, in the presentation of the event, that “within the framework of EJE&CON’s mission to promote the cultural change that is necessary to achieve gender equality, perhaps the best thing we can say is that we have reached this third edition with a greater degree of competitiveness in all categories, both in terms of the number of candidates and their value. We are proud to say that we have 50% more candidates than in our last edition”.

Reyes Maroto, Minister for Industry, Trade and Commerce, during her address she highlighted that “in our country, the gender gap involves a loss of 15% GDP. Therefore, our task is to add women into the productive fabric”.


The EJE&CON Awards to Genderless Talent are sponsored by Bros Group, Hogan Lovells and Banco de Santander.

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