The biggest S&T information platform in Japan, J-STAGE starts a dark-archive service


Credit: ©2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency [JST]

J-STAGE*1 will preserve its full digital articles to ensure that important scientific and technological resources published in Japan will remain available to researchers and other interested parties in perpetuity.

J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform founded in 1999, developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). It provides more than 4.7 million peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, and other types of academic publications published in Japan. The content spans 18 disciplines in Basic Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical & Health Sciences, Engineering, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. About 90% of the content on J-STAGE is freely available to the public. In case of trigger events, such as cessation of our operations due to natural disaster, our services will be available on an Open Access basis through the digital preservation services of Portico*2. With this new service, JST can safeguard its contents on J-STAGE in the future.


For more information, visit J-STAGE’s page on the Portico website.


*2 Portico URL:

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