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Get your hands dirty for health

Call to restore urban biodiversity, post-pandemicCredit: Flinders University Billions of people using the Earth's resources and changing or destroying ecosystems are not only creating the global environmental and climate crisis,

How EU safety legislation has affected UK vapers

Peer Reviewed - Survey - Humans Vapers have been largely reassured by recent EU safety regulations, but some have been pushed to the black market for stronger hits - according to new research from the University of East Anglia.…

Less sleep reduces positive feelings

Reaction time, other measures of performance also affected Sleeping less than normal impacts how we feel the next morning. "Not in the sense that we have more negative feelings, like being down or depressed. But participants in our study…

An aspirin a day keeps the bowel doctor away

A regular dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of inherited bowel cancer lasts at least 10 years after stopping treatment, research has revealed. The international trial - known as CAPP2 - involved patients with Lynch syndrome from around…