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Molecular Physics

Crystal wars

Credit: Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan - A team of researchers at The University of Tokyo and Fudan University studied the process of crystallization when more than one structural

Building a harder diamond

Scientists at the University of Tsukuba use computer calculations to propose a new way to rearrange the carbon atoms in a diamond to make it even harder, which may be useful in industrial applications that rely on synthetic cutting diamonds…

A new view of microscopic interactions

MU chemist adds the details of 'cold collisions of hot molecules' to existing theories of molecular interactions Credit: University of Missouri When two cars collide at an intersection -- from opposite directions -- the

Measure squeezing in a novel way

Credit: Weig Group, University of Konstanz "Squeezing" is used in physics, among other things, to improve the resolution of measuring instruments. It allows disturbing noise to be suppressed in a way that smaller signals