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Mussels connect antibodies to treat cancer

Credit: Hyung Joon Cha (POSTECH) Antibody-based immunotherapy is one of treatment options for cancer immunotherapy by modulating our immune system with therapeutic antibodies. Among many strategies for cancer therapy, it has been

Jellyfish with your chips?

Credit: The University of Queensland Jellyfish could replace fish and chips on a new sustainable takeaway menu to help keep threatened species off the plate. University of Queensland researchers found 92 endangered and

Refined finish for fine fish oil

Sustainable processing lifts quality, odor and tasteCredit: Flinders University Not all fish oils are high quality oils, so scientists have developed a superior method to help produce better dietary Omega-3 health and dietary

Cashing in on marine byproducts

Seafood shells full of nutrients and flavor -- researchCredit: Flinders University As exploitation of wild fisheries and marine environments threaten food supplies, Flinders University scientists are finding sustainable new ways to