SwRI hosts ROS-Industrial Americas Consortium Annual Meeting


San Antonio gathering to discuss industrial applications for open-source robot operating system

SAN ANTONIO — March 3, 2020 — The ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas is holding its Ninth Annual Meeting tomorrow and Thursday at Southwest Research Institute, drawing a diverse mix of manufacturers and technology companies to discuss open-source robotics software applications.

The event features presentations, panels and demonstrations from industrial robotics and software engineers showcasing the latest manufacturing robotics innovations using cloud computing, collaborative robotics, factory automation, internet of things (IoT), open-source software development, warehouse fulfillment and more.

“ROS-Industrial has grown from a space to share ideas about how to use the robot operating system for industrial applications to a leading source of industrial innovation with an open-source software ecosystem,” said Matt Robinson, lead event organizer and SwRI manager who supports ROS-Industrial.

Speakers will give talks via video conference live feeds to those who chose not to attend amid international travel concerns related to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“In an abundance of caution, we wanted to offer registrants and speakers the option to attend remotely, via live feed,” Robinson said.

ROS-Industrial leverages the open-source robot operating system (ROS) to develop automation and machine learning solutions for heavy industry and manufacturing robotics used in factories around the world. The ROS-Industrial Consortium is organized by three geographic regions in the Americas, European Union and Asia-Pacific. Member organizations include nonprofit research institutions, universities and a broad spectrum of manufacturers around the world.

SwRI initiated the development of ROS-Industrial in 2012 through an SwRI internal research program conducted with industry collaborators. SwRI maintains the ROS-Industrial software repository and manages the ROS-Industrial Consortium.

Demonstrations will be open to the media from 1-3 p.m. Wednesday, March 4. For more information, visit https://rosindustrial.org/ or https://www.swri.org/robotics-engineering.


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