Strengthening European biology

EMBL joins Instruct-ERIC


Credit: PHOTO: Udo Ringeisen / EMBL

European biomedical research capabilities, and services to industry, will be further enhanced following a new partnership announced today.

EMBL is Europe’s flagship life sciences organisation, and has agreed to become a member of the Instruct-ERIC organisation, which links national-level institutions across 13 member states.

Instruct-ERIC is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure, which operates nine centres to provide high-end technologies and methods in structural biology to academic and industrial users. It aims to promote innovation in biomedical science and operates on a non-economic basis.

EMBL Director General Edith Heard said: “Connecting EMBL’s research, data and research services and training to those of Instruct-ERIC will strengthen both collaborations for the benefit of research, industry and the citizens of Europe. Instruct-ERIC’s specialisation in structural biology will enhance EMBL’s work in the field, and will benefit and strengthen the other components of EMBL’s global activities.”


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