Springer presents China Internet Development Report 2017 and World Internet Development Report 2017

Two titles on the development of the internet in China and the world were launched today at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The books are co-published by Publishing House of Electronics Industry (PHEI) and Springer Nature and are important outcomes of the Fourth World Internet Conference.

As an achievement of the development of the world's civilization, the internet is becoming an important drive for innovation and social progress, benefiting humankind. At the same time the development of the internet has given rise to new challenges to all countries' sovereignty, security, and interests.

Springer Nature and the PHEI aim to bring Chinese knowledge and experience on internet development to the global public through a Chinese perspective of internet development research as the theme of this event.

This book release event at the Frankfurt Book Fair is another milestone in the collaboration between PHEI and Springer Nature following a strategic cooperation agreement which was signed in 2016. Both parties are looking forward to collaborations on more excellent projects and developing a closer partnership.


Further Information

World Internet Conference: http://www.wuzhenwic.org/

PHEI: https://www.phei.com.cn/ens/index.shtml

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