Solar-Tectic LLC receives the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for 2016

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY, United States, October 11, 2016–Solar-Tectic LLC (ST) announced today that it has received the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for 2016. The Best Practices Award is specifically for PV materials in North America and was given in recognition of "Solar-Tectic's technical excellence, strategic execution, and potential to revolutionize the solar cell manufacturing industry.

"Solar-Tectic's patented thin-film tandem solar cell technology employs proven materials that hold the potential to make the cost of PV on par with or cheaper than conventional fossil fuel technologies," said Frost & Sullivan Research Manager Vishal Sapru. "Solar-Tectic's technology marks a major milestone on the path to the mass production of high-efficiency solar cells with low-cost processes."

"Solar-Tectic leverages its wide portfolio of intellectual property (IP) to harness the inherent efficiencies of both thin-film technology and superconducting materials," said Frost & Sullivan Analyst Victoria Iglesias.


About Solar-Tectic LLC ("ST")

Solar-Tectic LLC is a thin-film specialist with patented technology primarily focused on developing high-quality semiconductor thin films on glass or other inexpensive substrates for tandem solar cells and other electronic devices such as LEDs and thin-film transistors (TFTs). The company has a wide portfolio of technologies and intellectual property towards this end, based primarily on inventions by the late Dr. Praveen Chaudhari, renowned materials physicist and recipient of a US National Medal of Technology and Innovation (1995). All the technologies being developed are consistent with Solar-Tectic's mission to provide cleaner and more accessible energy to fight climate change and poverty rampant in the world today. Solar-Tectic LLC's primary focus in this regard is solar cells but also extends to LEDs and superconducting wires. Recently several papers were published in peer reviewed journals reporting advances in R&D.

For general inquiries or for licensing of ST technologies, please contact Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP (, 212-238-8850).

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