Seshaiyer studying COVID-19 spread in aircraft cabin setting

Seshaiyer Studying COVID-19 Spread In Aircraft Cabin Setting

Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Professor, Mathematical Sciences, College of Science (COS), is serving as a Principal Investigator at Mason on a collaborative proposal with Maziar Raissi of the University of Colorado at Boulder in which they are developing a computational methodology that can predict the spread of COVID-19 in an airplane cabin.

Specifically, the computational methods that will lead to a high performance computing software will allow the researchers to model, analyze, predict and present control mechanisms for a COVID-19 outbreak through a spatial and temporal distribution of airborne infection risk in an aircraft cabin using computational mathematics and modern physics-informed deep learning techniques.

Ultimately, the proposed work might also be extended to apply to other physical spaces, such as marine vessels, trains, buses, or other public transport.

Seshaiyer received $59,999 from the National Science Foundation for this project. Funding began in June 2020 and will conclude in late May 2021.


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