Scientists honored in Biochemical Society Awards

The Awards recognize molecular bioscientists for the excellence and profound impact their work has had, both for the scientific community and society in general. They also allow exceptional work by early career researchers to be highlighted.

The recipients have made cutting-edge discoveries and advances in fields ranging from microbiology to cancer research, neurochemistry, biotechnology, energy and metabolism, genes and signalling.

Professor Anne Dell, Chair of the Awards Committee, said:

"The Biochemical Society's Awards allow the excellent work of high calibre scientists at all stages of their careers to be recognised and rewarded. The 2017 Award lecture series will showcase the outstanding contributions to molecular bioscience that the winners have made during their careers".

2017 Award winners

  • The Biochemical Society Award: Professor Keith Gull, University of Oxford, UK
  • The Centenary Award: Professor Sir Salvador Moncada, University of Manchester, UK
  • The Colworth Medal: Dr Markus Ralser, University of Cambridge, UK
  • The Heatley Medal and Prize: Professor Ian Graham, University of York, UK
  • The Novartis Medal and Prize: Professor Doreen Cantrell, University of Dundee, UK
  • The Sir Philip Randle Lecture: Professor Geoffrey D Holman, University of Bath, UK
  • The Thudichum Medal: Professor David Rubinsztein, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Early Career Research Award – Biotechnology: Dr Alexander Buell, University of Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Early Career Research Award – Energy and Metabolism: Dr Edward Chouchani, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA
  • Early Career Research Award – Genes: Dr Thi (Kelly) Nguyen, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Early Career Research Award – Signalling: Dr Maria Romina Girotti, University of Manchester, UK

All of the award prizes and medal lectureships will take place in 2017 and all award winners will be invited to submit an article to a Society-owned publication.


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