Race to the moon: Told through postal history


Credit: Springer Nature Switzerland AG

The race between the USSR and the USA in the 1960s to put the first man on the moon still fascinates people today. Countless movies, series, and exhibitions have all portrayed the nations’ efforts to out-race each other and be the first on the moon. This book takes a unique angle of analyzing this momentous historical event through philately, the study of stamps and postal history. Examining stamps, post cards and letters, this book shows how vastly different the nations approached and promoted their endeavors to be first. The book also shows how seemingly insignificant items such as post stamps, can tell the story of a struggle that shaped human history.


About the author:
Umberto Cavallaro is founder and current president of the Italian Astrophilately Society, as well as the editor of its quarterly journal, AD*ASTRA. His professional activity led him to cooperate for many years with ESA, the European Space Agency. He has translated into Italian several publications, including “The All-American Boys” by Walter Cunningham, an Apollo VII astronaut.

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