Postrevolution Cryo-EM: Reaping the benefits while looking to the future

October 10-11 2019, Biomedicum lecture theatre, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

The 2nd CryoNet Annual Symposium will highlight the latest discoveries in protein-nucleic acid complexes along with a view to the future of cryo-EM. Alongside presentations on important biological results will be exciting methodological advances emphasizing that cryo-EM is still in a major growth phase.


October 10: Hot structures

09.30-10.05 John Rubinstein, University of Toronto – Macromolecular proton pumps at energized membranes

10.05-10.25 Alexander Mühleip, Stockholm University – Structure of a mitochondrial ATP synthase

10.25-10.45 Ben Falcon, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology – Conformers of assembled Tau in human neurodegenerative diseases

10.45-11.00 Coffee

11.00-11.35 Kelly Nguyen, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology – Replenishing the ends: structural mechanism of human telomerase

11.35-11.55 Simone Cavadini, Friedrich Miescher Institute – DNA damage detection in nucleosomes involves DNA register shifting

12.00-13.30 Lunch + posters

13.30-14.05 Sarah Butcher, University of Helsinki – Antivirals -a new approach to an old problem

14.05-14.25 Anna Munke, Uppsala University – Structure of a marine algae virus, and the evolution of Picornaviridae viruses

14.25-14.45 Pavel Plevka, Masaryk University – Structure and genome ejection mechanism of S. aureus phage P68

14.45-15.10 Coffee

15.10-15.45 Lars-Anders Carlson, Umeå University – In situ studies of positive-sense RNA virus replication with cryo-ET

15.45-16.20 Ana Casanal, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology – Towards a molecular understanding of the eukaryotic mRNA 3′-end processing machinery

16.20-16.55 Clemens Plaschka, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology – Structural studies of nuclear pre-mRNA splicing

October 11: New methods

09.30-10.05 John Briggs, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology – Studying enveloped virus structure using subtomogram averaging

10.05-10.25 Ahmad Jomaa, ETH Zurich – Cryo-EM reveals the mechanism of SecA-mediated co-translational targeting of membrane proteins in bacteria

10.25-10.45 Jana Skerlova, Stockholm University – Structure of the minimal progenitor toxin complex of botulinum neurotoxin X

10.45-11.00 Coffee

11.00-11.35 Julia Mahamid, European Molecular Biology Laboratory – From transcription-translation coupling in Bacteria to translational stress response in Eukaryotes: unique insights from in-cell cryo-electron tomography

11.35-11.55 Maxim Armstrong, University of California, Berkeley – Micro-scale fluid behavior during cryo-EM sample blotting

12.00-13.30 Lunch + posters

13.30-14.05 Johanna Höög, University of Gothenburg – TAILS of a human sperm

14.05-14.25 Urška Rovšnik, Stockholm University – Characterizing functional states of a model ligand-gated ion channel by cryo-EM

14.25-14.45 Andrii Iudin, EMBL-EBI – EMPIAR: recent developments and outlook

14.45-15.10 Coffee

15.10-15.45 Elizabeth Wright, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Using Cryo-Electron Tomography to Study Host-Pathogen Interactions

15.45-16.20 Sharon Wolf, Weizmann Institute of Science – Chemical and Structural Insights with CryoSTEM tomography

16.20-16.55 Peijun Zhang, University of Oxford – Imaging virus assemblies in situ with cryo-EM


For registration and more information, please visit the event website.

  • Students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for poster presentations
  • CryoNet is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.
  • Organizers: Alexey Amunts, Bridget Carragher, Ausra Domanska, Gunnar von Heijne

Media Contact
Vasileios Kyriakidis
[email protected]