PharmaMar signs a license agreement for Aplidin® with Megapharm in Israel


PharmaMar (MSE:PHM) has announced today a commercialization and distribution license agreement with Megapharm Ltd. for the marine-derived anticancer drug Aplidin® (plitidepsin) in Israel and the territory known as the Palestinian Authority.

According to the agreement Megapharm will register Aplidin® on behalf of PharmaMar and distribute the compound in both regions. PharmaMar will retain exclusive production rights and will supply the finished product for clinical and commercial use.

Aplidin® is PharmaMar´s second most advanced anticancer drug which is currently under development for the treatment of multiple myeloma and angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. The Company announced in March 2016 that plitidepsin has shown positive results in a pivotal Phase III clinical trial (ADMYRE) for multiple myeloma .

According to Luis Mora, Managing Director of PharmaMar´s Oncology Business Unit, "we are about to address our first strategic alliance with Megapharm for the commercialization of Aplidin® for multiple myeloma in Israel and the territory known as the Palestinian Authority. Our commitment is to bring a novel and first-in-class therapy to patients in need."

Miron Drucker, CEO of Megapharm, stated that "the agreement between PharmaMar and Megapharm offers a major advance for healthcare in our territory as Aplidin® provides a novel mechanism of action for treating multiple myeloma; we hope to bring access to the most innovative treatments to our patients in Israel and the territory known as the Palestinian Authority".


About Megapharm Ltd.

Megapharm Ltd. is a leading Israeli private pharma marketing company, founded in 1989, exclusively representing a number of major American, European and Japanese pharmaceutical companies. Megapharm provides its partners with a full set of commercial capabilities, including registration, market access and sales and marketing. Megapharm has demonstrated dynamic sales growth by developing a strong company presence and expertise in selected therapeutic areas (i.e. Oncology, Hematology, CNS, Orphan and metabolic drugs) and a proven track record for obtaining national reimbursement and inclusion of its products in Health Funds in Israel. Additional information can be found at:

About PharmaMar

Headquartered in Madrid, PharmaMar is a world-leading biopharmaceutical company in the discovery and development of innovative marine-derived anticancer drugs. The company has a pipeline of drug candidates and a robust R&D oncology program. PharmaMar develops and commercializes YONDELIS® in Europe and has three other clinical-stage programs under development for several types of solid and hematological cancers, lurbinectedin, plitidepsin, PM184 and PM14. PharmaMar is a global biopharmaceutical company with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States. PharmaMar fully owns other companies: GENOMICA, a leading molecular diagnostics company; Sylentis, dedicated to researching therapeutic applications of gene silencing (RNAi); and two other chemical enterprises, Zelnova Zeltia and Xylazel. To learn more about PharmaMar, please visit us at


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