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Personalized Medicine contributes to one of the most up-and-coming areas in modern medicine: how genetic and 'omic information can effectively be used in the clinic. The journal draws research manuscripts from clinical researchers, laboratory researchers, ethicists and lawyers to put a spotlight on some of the key areas in the growing field of personalized and precision medicine.

Senior Editor Geoffrey Ginsburg, Director at the Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine, Duke University (NC, USA) commented, "The addition of Personalized Medicine to MEDLINE creates a strategic inflection point for the journal and its readers. With our new editorial team, we are now positioned for the journal to be a platform for knowledge dissemination in this highly dynamic field and expect our reach to be global. Our journal will be an invaluable tool for scientists, clinicians, and policy makers as we all strive to achieve a future of medicine that is personalized and precise."

Laura Dormer, Editorial Director at FSG added, "We are delighted that our journal Personalized Medicine has been accepted for inclusion on MEDLINE, which is a testament to the hard work of the editors and the quality of the work that has been submitted to us. I look forward to seeing the journal go from strength to strength following its recognition by MEDLINE."

This peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal is a vital addition to the literature, providing an integrated forum for all stakeholders involved. Topics covered include the implementation of genomics in medicine; advances in the integration of diagnosis and therapy; and the impact of precision medicine strategies on drug development and health care delivery, amongst many others.

Personalized Medicine offers fast-track and open access publishing options, helping authors publish in a timely, accessible manner. Unsolicited article proposals are welcome, and interested authors are welcome to contact the journal's Commissioning Editor Adam Tarring ([email protected]). Full information on the journal, including the Aims & Scope, can be viewed here:


About Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine (ISSN 1741-0541) translates recent genomic, genetic and 'omic advances into the clinical context. The journal provides an integrated forum for all players involved – academic and clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, healthcare management organizations, patient organizations and others in the healthcare community. Personalized Medicine assists these parties to shape the future of medicine by providing a platform for expert commentary and analysis.

The journal addresses scientific, commercial and policy issues in the field of precision medicine and includes news and views, current awareness regarding new biomarkers, concise commentary and analysis, reports from the conference circuit and full review articles. Articles submitted to Personalized Medicine are subject to rigorous peer review. The journal offers an open access option and, through our accelerated publication route, can provide publication in as little as 6 weeks from submission.

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